2 in 1 Electric Hair Straightener Comb Wet & Dry

The ULTIMATE in hair products. ShopStyled is proud to introduce the hair straightener comb.


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What Customers Say?

The testimonials came in and we are blown away.

I was very surprised this brush straightened my hair so well. I have very thick curly hair and in just one pass my hair was straightened and did not look frizzy. I love this brush and it does not over heat my hair keeping it healthy.

Julie H


My new favorite heair styling tool. So easy to use, heats up fast and the rounded teeth on it don’t get too hot so you wont burn yourself. It keeps your hair airy and light so it does not lay flat against your face. Love this brush.

Sheila R


I got this for christmas and ever since I used it, I never went back to my old flat iron. This brush makes it easy for me to style my hair and saves time. It also makes nice big curls for a relaxed beach wave look. Totally recommend it!

Hannah J


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the temperature range?

130°C – 200°C (266ºF – 392ºF)

How long does it take to heat the hair comb?

It takes 30 seconds to heat up.

How do you use the styler comb on wet hair?

Absorb excess water in hair with a towel, then glide sections of hair through the heated comb slowly for dual action drying and styling.

Does it come with a power cord?

Yes, the 2-In-1 Straightener and Curler Styler Comb comes with a power cord.

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